Food for Thought

Beautifully-captured, emotionally-rich food stories

I created this video series to explore the inner lives of some of my favorite chefs, farmers, food producers and cookbook authors. I’m asking them to tell me why they’ve dedicated their lives to food. Each episode includes beautiful footage of the person at work and a recipe. I hope you’ll follow along, and if you know someone for me to interview, I’d love to hear from you.


Beth Dooley

Cook and author Beth Dooley talks about the importance of winter in the North and how the cold influences our appetites. Watch as she demonstrates how to make "chicken under a brick." Dooley's book, "In Winter's Kitchen," is a collection of essays about the foods we eat in winter. Visit for recipes and information about her other books.


Stephanie A. Meyer

In the first episode of "Food for Thought," cook and culinary coach Stephanie A. Meyer talks about why people should cook at home and the importance of eating healthy, whole foods. Watch her make ginger-scallion sauce and braised pork shoulder. Find the recipe on her blog: