Sam Robertson’s Illustrated Old Testament

Minneapolis-based artist Samuel Robertson is illustrating the Old Testament like never before. His colorful paintings depict office and construction workers, cowboys, shopping scenes, people dining, swimming and fishing. Robertson said he's inspired by the project because of the humanity within it. When complete, the 260 illustrations will be published in a book alongside the entire text of the King James version of the Old Testament.

Celina Kane: Be Transformed by a Hat

Hats are confidence builders that allow our personalities to shine through, according to Minneapolis-based couture milliner Celina Kane. Her handmade hats are available at

Heartbeet Kitchen’s gluten-free tahini muffins with tart cherries

Amanda Paa of Heartbeet Kitchen demonstrates how to make gluten-free tahini muffins, with oat and teff flours, plus coconut flakes, poppyseeds and dried tart cherries. Incredibly soft and delicious! Amanda was taking part in a Mystery Basket Challenge with Montmorency Tart Cherries. She had to create a recipe with tart cherries incorporating as many of the basket ingredients as possible. The surprise ingredients were oat milk, harissa, tahini and coconut flakes. Get the recipe here.

A young woman creates a valentine with the help of her adorable pug

I filmed and edited this sweet Valentine’s story featuring actress Tori Johnson, directed by Susan Ebertowski. Susan, who also is a talented artist, hand-painted all of the paper hearts used in the video, in which a single, young woman and her lovable pug take the dreaded Valentine’s Day into their own paws and make their own fun.

SMOKE with actress Erica Janey

I worked as the cinematographer and video editor on this promotional short with actress Erica Janey and director Susan Ebertowski. Also collaborating on the project were photographer Lee Stanford; photo assistant Tallulah Stanford; hair & makeup artist Sarah Drews; wardrobe stylist Olivia Spitz; and wardrobe assistant Tori Johnson. Music courtesy of How the Night Came, "Macbeth: Light Thickens.” Filmed at Rick A Shay Ranch in Chicago City, MN.

Forest to Fork Grocery Store Kickstarter

The first-ever wild food grocer in America, Forest to Fork, will be growing mushrooms and the Twin Cities' locavore identity as part of the $10M development project Keg and Case Market, within the keg house building at the historic Schmidt Brewery, located on West 7th Street in St. Paul, Minnesota. I worked with the fine folks at Gentleman Forager to create this Kickstarter video. Once Forest to Fork opens, they’ll be selling mushrooms (of course!), plus wild greens, herbs, tubers, wild rice, berries, nuts and local specialty crops.

From foster kitten to forever home with Heartbeat Kitchen

Food and lifestyle blogger Amanda Paa, of Heartbeet Kitchen, decides to adopt one of her foster kittens, Bleu. Despite a rough beginning in life, Bleu is now a happy, energetic, curious cat who fits right in to Amanda's family. This video was sponsored by Fancy Feast.

TC Farm – fine food, sustainably raised

TC Farm is a group of very small sustainable family farms in Minnesota dedicated to raising the best food possible. Jack and Betsy McCann started the CSA because they wanted meat raised without any shortcuts. All of the animals are raised on green pasture and are treated with care and respect.

Meet wedding photographer Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson is a wedding and portrait photographer providing a high quality service from behind the camera for about 20 years. Capturing the precious moments that you value so much; she exudes her heart, soul, and technical expertise in every single photo she takes.

Special thanks to our models, Ashley and Matt. To Hayley Sachs Artistry for the gorgeous hair and make-up, to Grace Klein Design for the beautiful bridal bouquet, and to Annika Bridal Boutique for the stunning dress.

Join the Healing Green Broth 30-day challenge

Cook and culinary coach Stephanie A. Meyer introduces her Healing Green Broth 30-Day Challenge and talks about the benefits of this nutritious drink made from bone broth, greens and seasonings. Get the recipe and learn more about the free challenge at

Cool design and careful restoration converge at Danish Teak Classics

Danish Teak Classics restores and sells mid-20th century furniture and accessories at their showrooms in Minneapolis, MN and Santa Barbara, CA. Owner Steve Swanson travels to Denmark and hand picks high-quality pieces to ship home, where it is made beautiful and functional again in their restoration studio. They also offer clients interior design and furniture restoration services.

Meet jewelry designer Karin Jacobson

See jewelry designer Karin Jacobson at work in her Minneapolis studio and listen to her talk about hand making jewelry, her design aesthetic and the role of beauty in her life.

Heartbeet Kitchen's Scotcheroo bars

Amanda Paa, of Heartbeet Kitchen, in partnership with Cake in a Crate, created this baking kit to make Salty Date Caramel Scotcheroo Bars. They're gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free.

Blistered green beans: a how-to video with Heartbeet Kitchen

Amanda Paa, of Heartbeet Kitchen, demonstrates how to make blistered green beans seasoned with dill and crushed almonds.

The best sweet corn: a how-to video with Heartbeet Kitchen

Amanda Paa, of Heartbeet Kitchen, demonstrates the secret to the best corn on the cob. Boil it for a short amount of time and then slather it with basil garlic butter.

Sample "Shroom" Sunday with the Gentleman Forager in 15 seconds

Gentleman Forager hosted this casual, delicious meal with the Sample Room's Chef Kyle to kick-off the upcoming mushroom hunting season in Minnesota.

A Mushroom-centric feast with Gentleman Forager and Harriet Brasserie

Chef Fernando Silva, of the Harriet Brasserie, and Mike Kempenich, of the Gentleman Forager, teamed up to create a special five-course meal featuring mostly-Minnesota mushrooms. The sold-out dinner for 60 lucky guests took place on January 31 at the Harriet Brasserie in Minneapolis and included craft beer pairings. Menu highlights were black trumpet mushrooms with Kalua pig, a wild mushroom terrine paired with St. Bernardus Abt 12 Belgian Quad and a porcini mushroom chocolate molten cake.

Rain Taxi Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary

Rain Taxi's co-directors Eric Lorberer and Kelly Everding talk about their love of reading and the importance of books in our society. This video was commissioned to help the non-profit celebrate its 20th anniversary. It was filmed at the 2015 Twin Cities Book Festival in St. Paul, MN.

Augusto Perez – NPPA Immersion Workshop 2014

This is my first video story, made while attending the National Press Photographers Association's Multimedia Immersion workshop at Syracuse University in 2014. Augusto Perez is a remarkable man, and it was an honor to tell a part of his story.